Organizing & Viewing Your Fonts in Silhouette Studio

With the recent 50% off fonts sale in the Silhouette Design Store, you can believe that I stocked up on fonts!!   I love having all the different options, and the different looks that you can achieve just by using fonts.   But sometimes, it’s hard to sort through them all & decide which one to use.   The Text Style Panel in Studio lists the fonts alphabetically.   It is also difficult to tell what the font will look like, as the panel is small.    However there are some ways to organize & view your fonts that make life so much easier!

One of my favorite ways is using the Split Screen Feature that was brought back to Studio in Version 4.2 —  You can view both your Design Page & Library at the same time, by clicking on the icon at the bottom left panel of your Design Page.

Once you have the Split Screen View, click on the “Fonts” Folder in the left hand listing of your Library — and all of the Design Store purchased fonts will be displayed!  You have the option of viewing them in either the Icon mode, or the list mode.   Personally, I prefer the Icon mode, as I like to see the little pictures & examples of the font.    Being able to see the pictures of the fonts helps me to sort through & decide what I would like to use.

Also, if your icons are small, you can enlarge them, by using the slider scale at  the bottom of the page.   I keep mine at the largest setting.   And you can adjust the size of your panels by using the tiny little icon, with four dots, in the middle of the panel.


If you are working in at least Version 4.1, you will find “Recently Used Fonts” and “Frequently Used Fonts”, at the top of the Text Style Panel.   (Please note that this ONLY applies to Design Store Purchased fonts & not fonts that are bought or downloaded from other places).  This can be helpful in finding your favorite fonts.

However, the other REALLY helpful feature in Font Management is the ability to sort the fonts into folders, and then view the folders in the Text Panel.   This features is only available in Designer Edition or above.   You can divide your Design Store purchased fonts into sub folders in your library.

Create a new folder by right clicking on the Font Folder & select “Add New Folder”.   You can then name it whatever you would like.  They will then show up in your Text Panel, inside the folder.

You can also indicate your Favorite Fonts, by clicking on the little star that is under each icon.   When you have selected the font as a “Favorite”, it will shop up in your Favorites folder — and the little star will turn blue.   Makes it easy to find your designs & fonts that you use often.

One last font feature (this actually applies to all of your Design Store purchased designs.)   If you hover your mouse of the bottom right hand of your font icon, this little square will appear.   Click on it and an information box will pop up about your purchased font or design.   Great info to have!

Remember that all of your fonts — whether purchased in the Design Store or elsewhere — will be listed under these folders in the “All Fonts” section.

Hope all of these organizational tips help you make better use of your fonts!  (I also wanted to let you know that if you would like to see a larger version of any of these pics, simply click on them to view full screen!)

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