UPGRADE vs. UPDATE – and my Favorite Upgrade Features!

I often get the question from attendees at ATS and retreats on whether or not they need to upgrade their Studio Software — and my answer is always YES!   And there is also the question about what is an Update –  I know that it is a little confusing — the different between “updates” — which are FREE — and “upgrades” – -which are not!  So, I wanted to share that with you today & highlight a few of my favorite Studio Upgrades!   That way, if you decide to upgrade, you can take advantage of the awesome sale that ends on Thursday, August 15!

UPDATES:  An update is new, improved, or fixed software, which replaces older versions of the same software. For example, updating your operating system brings it up-to-date with the latest drivers, system utilities, and security software.   These are provided FREE of charge from Silhouette America – and they should be downloaded HERE when you are ready to do this.     Some users will receive notification in the software about updating, but I suggest that you check the Silhouette America site & download from there.  (You can turn off the update notifications in Preferences in your Studio software.)

You will notice there is a “Current Version” and a “Beta Version”.   For most Silhouette users, I recommend using the Current Version until the Beta has been  more thoroughly tested & the bugs worked out.  The Current Version is usually the most stable version available.  Select the version Mac or Windows – -which ever is appropriate for you.  If you click on the right hand side which says “Notes” – you can see what changes have been made to the software.  There is sometimes a VERY long list of fixes & new features in these notes – -so worth checking out!

I ALWAYS recommend backing up your library before ever updating your software.   (Really backing up should be done on a regular basis!)   And I highly recommend backing up to an external source.   This way, you can always recover your designs if there is a problem.   (Click here for some basic instructions on how to back up your library.)

Do I HAVE to Update?   The answer is No — but if you don’t, there can be some consequences.   Updates are designed to enhance & improve your software experience.  If you don’t update, these are some of the things you may encounter –

  • Fix errors – Most updates fix errors, and if you don’t update, you’ll continue to get those errors.
  • Fix conflicts – It is not uncommon to discover conflicts with other programs and hardware. If you don’t update, conflicts may happen and cause problems with other programs.
  • Miss Out on Features – Some update add or enhance current features in the software — so you would be missing out on those.

For example — check out this long list of Notes currently showing for the 4.2.471 update!  

If you update your software, and find that you really don’t like that version, you can always uninstall it and go back to an older version of the software.   You can find those in the drop down menu shown above “Legacy Version”.   But remember ALWAYS back up your Library before you do ANY updates!!  

UPGRADES:   An upgrade in Silhouette Studio refers to moving from the FREE version of software that anyone can download to different levels of the software that come at a small charge.   (It is even smaller right now, as they are on sale for 50% off, if you use my code TERRI)  The different levels of upgrades provide significant and sometimes completely new changes to the program.   The different upgrade levels include Designer Edition, Designer Edition PLUS, and Business Edition.  If you click on each edition below, you will be taken to a page that explains each edition in depth.

  • Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition includes more features which allow designers to import their own artwork in SVG format and create new designs using an expanded variety of design tools and software features.
  • Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Plus includes all Designer Edition features, plus additional options to import major embroidery file types (PES, DST, EXP, JEF, and XXX) and unlocks advanced rhinestone features.
  • Silhouette Studio® Business Edition includes all Designer Edition and Designer Edition Plus features, and additionally unlocks further features, such as SVG export, multiple cutting unit support, and advanced nesting. It is designed to facilitate large-scale projects and high quantity production to help save time on designing and cutting out larger amounts of material.

Silhouette America has put together a GREAT comparison chart on the differences in the different editions.   There is a list of each feature available in the different versions.  And, for most features, if you click on the little icon (that looks like a movie camera), you will be taken to a video that explains that feature!   I think this is a great way to explore all of the upgrade features & decide what is right for you!   Be sure to check it out!

MY FAVORITE UPGRADE FEATURES:  So, because I know you are dying to find out (LOL!), I thought I would share a couple of my favorite upgrade features in each level. .  it really was hard to nail down just a couple, as I use so many of them & really do love them!  If you click on the feature below, it will take you to the video explaining this feature.

I hope that you find this information helpful!!   But, here is the most helpful part!!   Through Thursday, August 15 – these upgrades are all 50% off when you use my code TERRI at checkout!!   You will not find these prices lower — so now is the time up upgrade!!!


FYI – This post may contain affiliate advertising. This means that if you click a link in the post, I may make a commission based on your purchase. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, and the commissions I earn allow me to keep sharing tutorials & info with you!

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  1. So now that I updated how do I get my “files” back that I set up= it took all my files put them in one mass file of 3800 (unsorted)
    and I want it back the way it was