Getting Started with the New Cameo 4 — First cuts!

I have been seeing on social media that many of you are receiving your new Cameo 4 machines – -or will be soon!  This is very exciting!!  I have been playing (testing) with mine for the past almost 2 weeks,  & wanted to share with you some tips & tricks today that I have discovered!   Hopefully this will help you get started!

First, you MUST be running Silhouette Studio version 4.3 for the Cameo 4 to run.   I know that sometimes people are reluctant to update their software, (and it does have some bugs), but I’ve been working with it successfully, as have some others.   Just be sure to back up your library before updating.    To download the most current public version of the software, (which is 4.3.258) click here.

Once that is done, its time to set up your machine!

This machine is packed VERY well.   Be sure that you remove all of the packing & tape that is used to secure the parts & keep it safe when shipping.   Neglecting to do that can cause problems!

Once all the tape & packing are removed, take a look at what you receive in the box.   There is a mat, power cord, USB cable, Autoblade & 4 adapters, and a little tool for adjusting your blades ratchet blades.



(So looking at these pictures, I realize I need a better background on my work/photo table!!! Yikes!    But I was so excited!  You can see this space is well-used!)

Turn On the Machine!
Once you are all unpacked, its time to turn on the machine.   You will notice the touch screen panel is different than earlier machines.  When you first turn on the machine, it will momentarily flash, and if you are connected via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth icon will turn purple.  If you are not, it will be white.     You will also see two arrows — for Load & Unload.

Once the mat is loaded, 4 directional arrows will appear.  These allow you to move your cutting housing in 4 different directions.

You will also notice that the Tool Housing has changed.   The Tool One position is for the Auto Blade & blades that are using the included Adapters.   Tool 2 is for the Specialty Blades that are NOT in your box.   Rotary Blade, Kraft Blade, Piercing Tool and others we hope are to come!   These specialty blades are not available at this time, but will be coming soon!!!  (Projected date is mid-October to November) And I will be sharing lots more on those!

You need to understand that the increased force that has been advertised  & promised from Silhouette America is in the Tool 2 motor.  These are actually two separate motors that allow you to have the downward force required for using those Specialty Blades.   So you will not see a difference in Force in Tool one.

Here is the Auto Blade in Tool Holder 1 — and an older Fabric Blade in the Ratchet Adapter.

While the new Tool Carriage is sooooo much easier to insert your blade — it is possible to get it in there wrong!!  (Ask me how I know??)  Be sure, when using the Auto Blade, that you slightly lift up the carriage while inserting the blade & pushing it down.   Then close the locking mechanism.   However, if the blade is inserted incorrectly — the Auto Tool Detection will not work in your software.   (Meaning, the Auto Blade will not show up automatically).    I found the adapter blades went in without any effort.



  • Changing the roller bar (for cutting without a mat or smaller materials) is soooooooo much easier!  It literally is the click of a button & it slides back & forth!   I love it!!  (Previously, I NEVER cut without a mat, because I did not want to move these rollers!)
  • Simply flip the lock, push the button & move the roller!   Then be sure to flip the lock back!!

UPDATING THE FIRMWARE:  Most, if not all machines, will give you a message to update the Firmware (this message is in the Send Panel).

With the machine turned on, Connect the machine to your computer via USB cord.  In a minute, the message will change to “Updating the Firmware” — DO NOT TURN OFF OR UNPLUG YOUR CAMEO FOUR UNTIL IT IS COMPLETE.    When it is finished — the panel will show the machine connected & say READY!   Then you are good to cut!


Here are some pictures of materials that I cut right out of the box — with the Default settings for these materials in the software!   These are for my baseball-obsessed 5 year old grandson!


  • The Cameo 4 has the capability of cutting much faster than older machines.  However, faster speed is NOT appropriate for all materials.   So, when you select the materials in the software, you will notice that there may be limitations on how fast you can increase the speed.   For example, I would never cut Glitter HTV at the same speed as the regular HTV.   So, you can increase the speed where appropriate.
  • In the software, I found the design should be selected when going to the SEND panel.   This allows the software to engage the Auto Tool Detection.    When the material is selected, the appropriate settings will appear.

I will be sharing many more tutorials in the coming days!   Cutting without a Mat, More on the Software, Rotary Blade  & more!   Up next is Cutting with the Roll Feeder — using the built in roll feeder & cross cutter!   I will be sharing tips & tricks for successful cutting!

So if you are ready to Order your Cameo 4 — I can recommend two options – -depending on what you need!

Both of these companies are trusted partners of Terri Johnson Creates — and All Things Silhouette Conference.

Speaking of All Things Silhouette Conference – 

We have about 10 spaces remaining for our November Conference!   There are still many amazing classes that are available — and so much fun!   This weekends also an opportunity for you to take classes using the new Cameo 4 and Try Before you Buy!    Hope you can join us!



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