Cutting Fabric with the Rotary Blade on the Cameo 4

I know that I promised a blog post on tips & tricks for the Roll Feeder on the Cameo 4, but I’m so excited about this Rotary blade and cutting fabric, that I just couldn’t wait!

When I was in Utah for the Cameo 4 launch last month, my friends at Silhouette America hooked me up with one of the very few Rotary blades in the US!    I will be teaching this class at the All Things Silhouette Conference next month, and needed time to prepare & do some testing in order to be ready for class!!  So, while the software still needs some tweaking,  (the Silhouette team is working fast & furious on that), I have been very successful in getting some great cuts on all types of fabric — with no stabilizer or interfacing!!! Hallelujah!!! Coming from a sewing/fabric background – -I have been waiting for this for years!!   And I will tell you, the Cameo 4 and team at Silhouette America have not disappointed!  So I wanted to share this with you today!

So, I set out to create this adorable Thanksgiving tea towel!  (Guest towel from All About Blanks.)    I used the drawing tools & Flexi-shapes in Silhouette Studio software to create the design.  And the “Happy Thanksgiving” is from the Silhouette Design Store #22811, cut from Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl.

This design is cut from Ultrasuede fabric.   Ultrasuede is a soft, micro-fiber type of fabric, consisting of a polyester blend.  It feels like natural suede, but it is resistant to stains and can be washed in a washing machine.   The great thing about using it for this type of appliqué, there are no fuzzy edges & it doesn’t ravel.  So, you don’t have to sew it down – but it could be glued or adhered to another object with some type of adhesive.    I wanted to stitch it down for this project, however — it was great to not have to completely cover or secure the raw edges.  Just used a basic zig-zag stitch.

Tips on working with fabric and the Rotary Blade:

  • Use a brand new, super sticky, or strong hold mat to secure the fabric.
  • There is no stabilizer or backing needed
  • Use a brayer or similar type of item to be sure your fabric is totally secured to the mat.
  • Always test cut to be sure you are using the correct settings.
  • Occasionally, a few threads do not cut all the way through — but are easily snipped with sharp scissors.

Facts About the Cameo 4 and Rotary Blade:

  • The Rotary blade can ONLY be used in the Tool 2 Holder on the Cameo 4
  • The Rotary blade can NOT be used on any other Silhouette machine.
  • The Tool 2 Holder is where you will be able to increase the downward force for clean cutting on fabric
  • Rotary Blades are currently not available, but will be shipping soon!!  I promise that I will be sharing that information as soon as they are available.

With the rotary blade in Tool Holder 2, you can select your design and Send it to Cut.   In the software, you must select Tool 2, as well as the type of materials you will be cutting.   There is no blade setting, but a Force & Speed.   I will be sharing more specific details for different fabrics in upcoming posts, but for today – -I just wanted to share with you that I am VERY excited about this & have been very successful in getting good, clean cuts on a variety of fabric!

These leaves are Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric — which is a thin, 100% cotton quilting weight fabric.

These shapes are ones that I created in Silhouette Studio, using the Flexi-Shapes feature.   They are cut from Ultrasuede fabric, that I described above.

These Flexi-Shapes have been cut from craft acrylic felt.   You can purchase this at most craft and fabric stores.

This heart is from the Silhouette Design Store & was cut from Benzie Wool Blend Felt.   I love this felt for appliqué – It is 20-35% merino wool, soft, flexible and approximately 1mm thick.   And they have so many beautiful colors!  

If you have been on the fence about ordering the Cameo 4 – -and are a lover of all things fabric like I am – –place your pre-order today for the Cameo 4!  This machine is the only Silhouette tool with this capability!  If you use my code, TERRI, at check out – -you will receive FREE SHIPPING!

Three of the partners that I recommend for purchasing the Cameo 4 are Silhouette America, Heat Press Nation & Swing Design!  These are all great supporters of the All Things Silhouette Conference!

For those of you who have already ordered your Cameo 4 machine, be sure to use my code TERRI, when you order the blades & extra products from Silhouette America — and you will receive FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50.

If you are attending the All Things Silhouette Conference, you can learn more about the Cameo 4 and Rotary blade in my class!!  We will be creating an adorable banner project!    We still have a few spaces remaining!



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  1. This has me really excited about the new Cameo 4. Thanks for sharing. Now I can’t wait to play with a Cameo 4 and these new fabric rotary blades.

  2. Thanks for this post, Terri. This is the feature that I’ll buy the Cameo 4 for. I have to share a laugh with you: When I first glanced at your second photo above, I thought the turkey eyes were 2 rolls of toilet paper!! Lolllllllll !!!!

  3. Krista L. Kruhm says

    Will the rotary cut really thin paper (crepe paper). Looking for something to cut paper flowers.

    • Krista – -I have not tried the crepe paper yet, but have ordered some from Lia Griffith to cut those flowers! But, the answer is yes – you can cut the crepe paper with the new Cameo 4 – -either with the Rotary blade or the new Kraft blade. I will be testing those soon & sharing my results!

    • So Krista, I have tried Lia Griffiths fine crepe paper & the rotary blade cut beautifully!

  4. Vania Root says

    I am so excited to hear about this….have been waiting! Oh the things I will be able to do now!!! (well, once I have the Cameo 4 and rotary blades)

  5. Nancy Lopez says

    Hi Terri: Do you think the Cameo Pro can cut up to 3mm felt? Love and thank you

    • Nancy – -I haven’t had an opportunity to work with the Cameo Pro — as it won’t be released until next Spring. However, I’m able to cut felt nicely with the rotary blade in the Cameo 4, so I would imagine, it would hav the same capabilities.

      • Nancy — I just saw that you asked about 3mm felt. That is the clearance capability of the Cameo 4 — so I would have to try something that thick out. It may work with the Kraft blade.