NEW Virtual Curio Retreat – May 1-3, 2020

We had originally planned to hold a hands on retreat, here in VA – May 1-3, 2020.   Due to the COVID-19 and the Mandatory Closures in Virginia – -we have had to cancel our Hands on Event.   However, we wanted to still be able to give everyone an opportunity to take advantage of this time at home & still learn how to use their Curio!  So read on……..

After putting our heads together – and a lot of conversation – Elly and I have come up with a plan for a Virtual Curio Retreat!”  The more I think about this, the more excited I get about it!  I think that this could be really fun, during these difficult times!  It has also allowed us to open up some additional spaces for people to participate.  We are still limiting participation, so that we can provide everyone the time and attention needed — but we wanted to offer these spaces to you, so that you could take advantage of this unique opportunity!    We even have our “online helpers” that will be available to assist & answer questions!  

So — here is how it is going to work:

First, we will be shipping all of your kits to you.   So you will have all of the supplies that you need!  Who knows?  We might even have a surprise or two for you!  (These kits do NOT include a few basic items on a supply list that will be sent to you.)

We will be using LIVE Zoom calls & pre-recorded classes on Vimeo.    Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this.  I will be giving instruction in advance & showing you how to join the live calls & watch the videos.  The times listed below are ET.   If you miss any of the calls or live sessions — they will be recorded to watch at a later time.   During the LIVE Zoom calls, you will be able to ask questions & interact with everyone.   Then, you will have access to the pre-recorded video classes on Vimeo (again, I will share how to do this with you.)   These will be password protected, and only attendees & helpers will have access. The beauty of these pre-recorded classes is that you can watch & work at your own pace, stop them, rewind & replay!!  And you will have access for 30 days after the weekend!  That will give you time to complete any projects that you did not get finished.  

Through out the weekend, we will be available in the Facebook Curio Retreat group (from 10am-6pm) to help or answer any questions that you might have!  Others may be having the same question!  And, you can post your pictures as you go along & complete your projects!  

Hwre is how the schedule will go:  

May 1, 2020  

Day 1
9 am Live Kick-off Zoom conference call
2 video classes loaded
– Silhouette Studio, Intro to Curio, and More to get started
– Metal Etching with the Curio
6 pm Live Zoom – Show & Tell with a Social hour  (this is BYOB!  LOL)
Online support through Curio Event Facebook group 10 am – 6 pm

May 2, 2020  
Day 2
9 am Live Zoom call – Day 2 Project Review – 30 minutes
2 video classes loaded
– Acrylic Etched Coasters and Silhouette Studio Design
– Leather Embossing
6 pm Live Zoom Call & Show & Tell Social 30-60 minutes

Online support through Curio Event Facebook group 10 am – 6 pm  

May 3, 2020
Day 3
9 am Live Zoom Call – Day 3 Project Review – 30 minutes
2 video class projects loaded
– Acrylic Etched Panel and Silhouette Studio Design
– Sketching on Wood Ornaments

6 pm Live Show & Tell Social and Wrap Up
Online support through Curio Event Facebook group 10 am – 6 pm

Written instructions for all classes will be included with the kits.
All classes are designed to be completed in the order listed in the schedule above. 

In addition to the above, we will be offering 1 additional Live Session and/or continued support in the Facebook group for the week following.    

I am actually very excited about this “Plan B” for our retreat!   Please let us know if you are in for this fun Virtual Retreat!    The cost will remain the same – $429 — as we have extra costs incurred by doing this virtually.     This is a lot more work on our end (especially for Elly) — but we wanted to still move forward & hold our retreat!  We love you & I feel that during this time, we all need something fun & uplifting!!  We will all get through this!  

Registration Deadline is Friday, April 17 – -so this allows us to ship your kits to you!!  Also, we will be limiting attendees, so that we can give you the proper time & attention!  Don’t hesitate!  
This  is a 3 day Curio Retreat with Elly Habets from Silhouette Secrets + and Terri Johnson Creates!   Elly is a Terri Johnson Licensed Instructor, and has her own blog and Facebook group – Silhouette Secrets + 

Click here – to take a look at some of the amazing things that Elly has created with her Curio!

If you have had your Curio sitting there staring at you — or even worse — sitting in the box — join us for this fun & instructional weekend to learn how you can make that Curio sing!
During this fun filled weekend – we will explore the following
  • Metal Etching
  • Acrylic Etching
  • Leather Embossing
  • Sketch Pens with the Curio
  • Emboss Panel in Silhouette Studio
  • and more!

All of this while learning to use Silhouette Studio software & Silhouette tools with the Curio machine – to create beautiful projects!  By the end of the weekend you will feel a lot more comfortable using this amazing machine, and have a variety of finished projects.   You will also receive detailed handouts and instructions that you can use to review, and re-create your projects at home!

“This is a weekend for all Curio owners!  I can’t wait to share my Silhouette “secrets” with all of you and spend the weekend together! — Elly Habets
**Project photos are examples of what you may see in this Curio retreat. Final projects may vary.

Registration for the Retreat will include the following:

  • Retreat notebook with detailed handouts for all of the projects taught.  These handouts will have all instructions & settings, that will allow you to go home & recreate the projects.
  • 6 Online Video Classes — to be re-watched – and available for 30 days after the event.
  • All materials needed to complete the class projects.  You will only need your Curio, laptop, and a very small supply list of basic tools.
  • Goodie bag of items provided by our retreat sponsors
  • Surprise Bonus Video Class & demo
  • Live Online help in the Retreat Facebook Group
  • 1 additional Live Session and/or continued support in the Facebook group for the week following
  • Cost for all of this is $429 per person


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will we need additional tools?
Yes! All registered attendees will receive an email prior to the retreat with the information on what tools we will be using. We will be using Silhouette Tools.
What materials will we be using?
We will be working with metal etching, acrylic etching, leather, sketch pens and more!
Will we be cutting or working with clay?
No. Clay is not on the list of project materials.
What level of experience do I need?
All levels are welcome to attend. We will start the workshop with the basics of the Curio and work up from there. Even experienced users may find tips and tricks that they didn’t know in the basic information we will start with.

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