Working with Premium Fonts & Monograms in Silhouette Studio

Whenever there is a 50% off sale in the Silhouette Design Store (like there is now thru May 31), I like to stock up on some of the more expensive designs – specifically fonts.  So this sale was no different.   I downloaded some of the fonts I really liked  — and quite honestly, were the most expensive!   As I began working with them, I realized that many of them have multiple versions  — but they appear in different ways in your Studio Software.  It can be a little confusing, so I thought I’d share a bit here on how to use them — and what you may need to know when dealing with other fonts.

In the Silhouette Design Store — if you select “Craft Fonts” – these come with a single version & are pretty much straight forward.   If you select “Premium Fonts”, they often come with multiple families of fonts and/or glyphs.

If you are considering a font, you can type in text to see a Preview of what it will look like.   And if a font has glyphs, there is a tab where you can view all of those as well.


Some of the Premium fonts include extra glyphs, and sometimes come in sets of complimentary fonts or families.    An example of this is Monogram Carnaval.   This font has 12 different versions of a decorative frame around the letters.    All twelve of these are listed in the Text Panel.  The plain version is listed as “Monogram Carnaval”.   The other 12 versions are listed with the little icons representing that version, underneath the plain one.   I have typed out all of the versions here in this screen shot for reference.


So, I will admit that this one threw me, as I haven’t used it in a long time.   I love the SeaLife Font Family– and it has 3 different versions included — Black, Decorative & Inline.   However, instead of showing all in the list of the Text Panel, there is a drop down menu underneath the list — and this is where you access all 3 versions.


Some fonts have both Multiple Versions & Extras that show up in the Glyphs tab in the Text Panel.   This is a Designer Edition feature & you will only see this option in Silhouette Studio if you are running Designer Edition or above.  (Personally, I think this is one of the best reasons to upgrade to Designer Edition, if you have not done so.)

“Love and Beach” font family is an example of this — where it has 11 font versions, along with “Extras” and a Monogram included!  (FYI – this font is normally $15 — so the 50% off sale is the time to buy!)  You can access all versions of this font from the Text Panel

Or you can access the Extras and Glyphs from the Glyphs tab in the Text panel.


Some of the Premium fonts have the capability to combine text with special glyphs to create a continuous line.   Sometimes they will provide instruction on how to do that when you purchase the design.

An example of this is “I love glitter” from Misti’s Fonts – Design #248245.   This is a very popular script font with both solid & connecting hearts, as well as swirls.   To use these features you should do the following:

– Type * (asterisk) for the heart.
– Type | (vertical bar) for the solid heart doodle.
– Type _ (underscore) for the open heart doodle.
– Type [ ] (brackets) for the swirls.

If there are no instructions, then you can use the Glyphs tab to access your special characters.  An example of this is “Hello Sheila” — Design #317891.   There are no instructions, however, you can access the Glyphs through the Glyphs tab in the Text Panel.   Again, this is a Designer Edition feature.   A previous blog post that I shared shows how to access all of your glyphs.

There are so many possibilities using specialty & Premium fonts in Silhouette Studio.   Two that I have not event mentioned here are Dingbat fonts & Color fonts.   To learn more about Dingbat fonts – check out this video.  (Note:  this was recorded during a previous Christmas sale — so the discount is 50% and not what is mentioned in the video).

I will be sharing more on those in upcoming posts & how you can even use the Color fonts for Print & Cut or sublimation!  Stay tuned.

Hope this helps you in selecting & using all of the wonderful Premium fonts available in the Silhouette Design Store!   This is a great time to stock up while they are on a 50% off sale! Take advantage of the subscription sale, too — save up to 25% with the code STOCKUP20 – and this gives you even greater savings on your purchases!   Remember, this 50% off sale ends May 31st!

Until next time — stay safe!

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