All Things Silhouette Conference & Other Big News!

Happy February – – I know that I’ve been “missing in action” for the past month or so on the blog – but that doesn’t mean that I have not been a busy bee getting some exciting things ready for you!  So let’s just jump right in & I will tell you all about it!

After much consideration & discussion with Silhouette, the venue, vendors & instructors — I have made the decision that we will be holding another Virtual All Things Silhouette Conference this May!

We have a tremendous line up of instructors & classes scheduled for this event!!  And while we cannot be together in person, we still have so much learning, fun & inspiration planned for you.    Check out this line up of all star instructors & classes!  I truly believe that we have the very best instructors in the Crafting industry!   The Virtual event in May was a huge hit!! People loved that they could watch the class whenever they wanted & as often as they wanted — for more than 60 days!   And stop, rewind & watch a portion again!  While these 16 classes are pre-recorded, we will have daily live Zoom sessions – where you will receive information, get answers to your questions, and we will have daily door prize give aways from our wonderful sponsors & vendors!   Here is just one of the comments we received from our November event —

“I missed the personal interaction with other crafters and the enthusiasm that comes with it, but I think I learned more from the virtual ones. I often hit a glitch and fall behind in the in person classes and have learned just to sit, listen and take copious notes. With the virtual classes, I could go at my own pace and watch as many times as needed.”

So be sure to check out & sign up today!!!  The pre-day Live Zoom classes will be limited to 40-50 attendees, depending on the topic.  There is a limit of attendees for the Conference, too –  so be sure to sign up soon!!  We will be having an awesome time!


I have been keeping this under my hat for months – but am so excited to announce my All Things Silhouette Club!!   This is a Monthly Club where I will share a new project made on your Silhouette cutting machines (all models) and features & tools in the Silhouette Studio software.   We will also have bonus project 3-4 times a year on the Curio, Mint & Alta – for those of you who who own those machines, or just might want to learn more about it.    Members will have unlimited access to the pre-recorded classes, for as long as they are a member of the Club!! Cut files, printable handouts, class video & a private Facebook group with live sessions each month!!!  All of this for only $15/month – or if you sign up for the annual membership, its $150 – and you receive 2 months free!   Visit this page to learn more & be put on the waitlist.   I have a video on the page, explaining everything!  Membership will be limited initially & opens within the next week!  We will begin with a March project for Spring/Easter projects!!   Those on the waitlist will receive priority enrollment!

Terri’s Tuesday Tips on YouTube!  

I have begun a new YouTube series where each week I am sharing tips & techniques in Silhouette Studio & on your Silhouette machine.  (Did you know I had a YouTube channel?)   Be sure to Subscribe to the channel & “ring the bell” so that you will receive notifications when I post new videos weekly!  Here is one of the recent videos — Check it out!

And last but not least – -I am transitioning to a brand new Website & platform for all of our Online classes & events!!  I told you I’ve been a busy bee!  The new site is going to be amazing!!  And so much easier to navigate, view your information & classes & its pretty!!!   AND there is an app for both Android & Apple!!  So you can watch all of the conference classes, club classes, blog & more — all on your mobile device!  By March 1, the site will be transitioned to the new site!  But no worries – if you are signed up here – you will receive emails from the new site.  And as soon as we get transitioned, the web address will still be

On a personal note — I received my first Covid vaccine, with the other one in 2 weeks!  So there is light at the end of the tunnel for having in person events in the future.   However, in the mean time – I am offering sooooo many great ways for you to learn & use your Silhouette to the max!  Join us for some or all of our events!!

Until next time —

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