Silhouette Instructor Licensing

What is Instructor Licensing?

Learn to share your passion for creating & Silhouette with others, while launching or growing your business.

What you’ll get:

  • Exclusive, ready to teach curriculum
  • Kit to complete all class samples  (shipped only within the US)
  • Instruction via online videos on Pricing, Marketing, Resources & so much more
  • Membership in private Facebook group, with online help
  • Listing in our Online referral service 
  • TJC Instructor Branded Logos for your social media and website.  
  • Extra goodies from some of our sponsors

We are so excited to finally be offering this Licensing Online!!!   Licensed Attendees will have unlimited access to the Online Videos, be able to download handouts, business forms, tips & tricks & cut files!   Once the licensing is complete, instructors will receive logo credentials to use on their social media, website & business forms.   This recognized program & credentials will set you apart as a professional Silhouette instructor.

You will receive tips and tools about how to host Silhouette Clubs and Retreats, and Classes.   Many of these are things that I have learned through years of hosting events — what worked & what didn’t; best type of venue; how to set up your classroom; how to advertise & promote your events; resources for purchasing supplies & so much more!  This Licensing will show you how you can turn your enthusiasm & love for Silhouette into a profitable event business!   While you will learn some new Silhouette techniques & tips, the  Licensing event is not a beginners program and it is expected that you have at least a basic working knowledge of the Silhouette software & the Cameo machine. The Licensing event is designed to give you the tools necessary to teach, host events or conference for other students about the software & projects you can create using the Cameo, while introducing you to new techniques & features.

This Licensing will open on July 17, 2020 —   Students can work at their own pace in completing their required class project.   Registration will close once we have the maximum (40) numbers of attendees.

What will I receive when I enroll?  Each licensing retreat features 12 Silhouette projects, (along with a few bonus classes).   Attendees will be shipped a kit of materials to complete these projects, along with the instructions – not only on how to complete the project, but how to teach it as well!  (This kit can only be shipped to students within the US.  If you are an international student, please email me at to discuss the options.)   These projects are the perfect class samples to use for your events!  You will also be able to download cut files, forms, class supply lists & the handouts for the class.   As a Terri Johnson Licensee,  you will have the license to reproduce these handouts & class instructions for any class that you might teach!  This licensing also gives you permission to create these projects & sell them, if you would like!   Only students with this license can sell or teach these projects.

Your Licensing also includes membership in a private Facebook group, where I will be active — and you can share ideas with other instructors, ask questions & post your projects.  I will also be offering a referral service – when people contact me about teaching – your information will be listed on my website!  And each Licensee will receive a special logo to be used for your website, business cards, or any advertising you might do.   In the future, there will be opportunities to add additional projects to your portfolio – both online & in person.

Register here for the Online Instructor Licensing — Space is limited to allow for more personalized attention.  

Thoughts from previous attendees:

I participated in TJC licensing September 2016. At this licensing, I met a lot of amazing women. Some of them have become some of my closest friends. I might never have met them without this experience. I have also met several people through the All Things Silhouette Conferences, which I probably would not have done, had I not become licensed and volunteered at the conferences. Since becoming licensed I have held several mini one day retreats both local to where I live, as well as within the state and four larger 3 day retreats. I have held several one on one instruction sessions. Several of these one on one’s have participated in both my mini retreats as well as the weekend long retreats. Because of my licensing I was asked to teach classes at the Everything Embroidery Market along side Mandy Graham from SparkleBerry Ink and at the last All Things Silhouette conference co-taught a class with Whitney Wadsworth on Pixscan. I truly believe these events would not have presented themself to me, without the licensing. Although I’m not able to teach and host retreats full time yet (still have my full-time job) I am able to make extra money that has helped offset my boys college tuitions and their living expenses. I love crafting and this has just become an extension of what I already love to do.  Julie Huggins – Sew Craft N’spired Creations

Becoming a Terri Johnson Creates licensed instructor is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being able to turn my hobby into a career has truly been a life-changing experience! Through her licensing course, Terri not only provides a great example of how and what to teach, but she also shares tips and expertise that come from her years as a small business owner. As a result, I’ve learned many new things, made some great new friends, and feel much more confident in my abilities to professionally and effectively teach others how to use their Silhouette machines. Lycia Evanoff – Caught by Design





New Logo copy

“As the popularity of Silhouette machines continues to grow, more and more people feel the need for ‘hands-on’ help in learning to get the most from their machines. In recognizing and understanding the need for further hands-on training, Terri Johnson has developed the Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing Program. This program provides Instructor Licensees the tools and curriculum needed to return to their home areas and provide lessons & events throughout the country. Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing Program is an independent program not audited by Silhouette America, which is created & taught by Terri Johnson Creates. Silhouette America supports Terri Johnson Creates through sponsorship and products, and encourages her efforts to promote and provide training solutions through her independent Instructor Licensing Program.”
Brian Hubler
Chief Operating Officer
Silhouette America, Inc.



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  1. Hello Terri,

    How much experience do you need to attend the retreat?

    • Beth — You certainly don’t need to be an “expert” — but you do need to be at least comfortable with the basic operations of the machine & software. We will have training time to help everyone with whatever areas they feel lacking. That’s a big part of the event — so you have confidence! Hope you can join us! Terri

  2. Lisa Romans says:

    How many people will be in this course for instructors?


    • 3. Stacey says:
  3. Any chance you would offer this via online instruction?

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