“Hidden” Information about Your Silhouette Store Designs & Conference Announcement!

hidden info announcement

If you’re like me -you own a lot of designs from the Silhouette Design Store!  And if you have a subscription, (like me) – You just might buy up designs before your Store credit expires — and not really know what you are going to do with them!   Sometimes, I buy designs based on the little thumbnail picture in the Silhouette Design Store — and then when I open it — it doesn’t look at all like the thumbnail! {Read More}

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All Things Silhouette Conference


  I am soooo excited to finally be able to share the Big Announcement that you have been waiting for………………… That’s right!  We are holding our first ever ALL THINGS SILHOUETTE CONFERENCE!!!   This has been in the planning for months — and I am finally able to announce the details to you!   That’s right — a 2 Day Conference – November 7-8, 2015 — of nothing but Silhouette & Silhouette related classes & vendors! The conference will be held at the {Read More}

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Silhouette Summit 2015


Aloha from Honolulu!  I’m enjoying my last day of this fabulous weather and view, as the Silhouette Summit comes to a close this evening.  Then I hop on a plane & head home!  So, while this was all still very fresh in my mind, I wanted to share with all of you what I saw and experienced here at the Silhouette Summit! First, I want to say that I think this is an amazing company!  I had the privilege of {Read More}

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Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day – I often wonder how some of you began your crafting creative journey – -whether sewing, quilting, or working with your Silhouette.    While I know its not true for everyone,  I would guess that many of you get your creative side from your mother or possibly (like me) grandmother.    This picture above is of my mother on the right & grandmother on the left – -many years ago in Roan Mountain, TN. My  grandmother sewed beautifully {Read More}

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May Happenings with Terri Johnson Creates


May is probably my favorite month of the year — and this May is no exception!   Winter is really over, and everything is blooming in Northern VA – its just beautiful!  AND — I can wear flip flops!  Yep, my time of year! This May is jam packed with all types of events here at Terri Johnson Creates – -and I wanted to share those with you. **First — this week, I am flying to Hawaii for the very {Read More}

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What to Do When Nothing will Stick — Or How I Made These Coasters!


One of my daughters lives in Virginia Beach — just 2 short blocks from the beach access!  Its   awesome!  Her home is decorated in a lovely beach decor.    I always feel like I’m going on a mini-vacation when I visit her!  She recently purchased some new wooden end tables.  And while I was visiting, I noticed she was using some heavy paper coasters for her tables!   These tables are used daily for coffee, water & wine – so {Read More}

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Capturing Images for Silhouette – part #2 – On a Macbook


Hi!  Yesterday’s post was on Capturing Images on a PC  — so that you can bring them into Silhouette Studio.  If you missed it, simply click on the link & it will take you there!   Today, we are going to talk about how to do the same thing on a Macbook!  For a variety of reasons, I work on both a PC and a Macbook — so I’ve become pretty experienced at capturing images on both computers. Sometimes, I {Read More}

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Capturing Images for Silhouette -Part #1 – On a PC

Snipping tool featured image

Happy First Day of Spring!  While it may not feel like it where you are — (or here either) – Spring is on its way!  On our way home from our Florida vacation last week, we stopped in SC at a rest stop.  There were the most beautiful Bradford Pears blooming – and it was a beautiful reminder of what is to come! So with that beautiful encouragement from God – on to our tutorial for today! Often, many Silhouette {Read More}

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Using the Line Style Tool to Create Print & Cut

photo 1

I think that Valentine’s Day is one of the most fun days for crafters like us!   We have the opportunity to use our creativity to share our love with the people in our lives!  And this year, with my oldest grandson in pre-school, its even more fun for this “Mimi” to make Valentines for his friends in his class.   As it happens, they are all boys!   The teacher is quite a saint!   Can you imagine a {Read More}

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Free Designs from Dingbats & New Silhouette Retreats

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.36.04 AM

I am so excited to share with you that we have new Silhouette Retreats scheduled — So many of you have asked for Retreats in different parts of the country!  I’m sure you can understand how much goes into locating a venue & planning for these.  So, after some research,  I’ve discovered a treasure of a retreat center in Ohio!   So, we have a Silhouette & Spa retreat scheduled for May in Ohio;   And we have a new {Read More}

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